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Tips to get TikTok famous

Tips to get TikTok famous
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

 Tik Tok, is like a goldmine for good content. You open the app at your peril because it is easy to lose hours or even days to the homemade short videos Tik Tok users and influencers are posting in their hundreds of millions. The simple reason for this is that a lot of the videos are just really good. They’re well-made and it is clear that the people behind them have lots of talent. Accordingly, the Tik Tok app has made many TikTokers into stars.

If you’ve just downloaded Tik Tok and you too want to become a star, you should know that it is a crowded marketplace. With so many videos being shared via Tik Tok every day, it can be hard to break through. That’s why today, we’re here to offer you some sagely advice on your journey to become a Tik Tok celebrity. We’re going to tell you how to become Tik Tok famous.


How to get TikTok famous

We’ll open with a caveat; this isn’t going to be easy. This is going to take hard work both on the quality of your Tik Tok videos and your promotional skills. Basically, not only are you going to have to create videos that are entertaining, you’re going to have to optimize your Tik Tok account and other social media accounts to make sure your videos get as much exposure as is humanly possible. Don’t worry though, you can do it. This is how to…

#1 Take your time. High-quality content is key.

You need to take your time and put in lots of effort when making your Tik Tok videos. If you were to look at Instagram posts or Snapchats for example, you could be forgiven for thinking that the user had just pulled out their phone and captured a moment. This is not the case around 99% of the time. They’ve likely spent a lot of time setting up their scene, writing out their caption, and pre-selecting their filters and stickers. This prep time is a lot more obvious on Tik Tok where dance routines have been practiced, videos have been edited, multiple shots have been recorded etc. Don’t think you’re going to be able to just capture that Tik Tok moment in an instant. Your most important work will be done off camera. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Quality Tik tok content

#2 Find your niche

You need to find your niche because it will help you stand out from the crowd but also because it will help you build an identity. You’ll need both, if you’re to become famous. Tik Tok offers a lot of possibilities for you to stand out like making lip-syncing videos with a particular type of song, duets, performing onscreen in a certain way, sticking to a particular type of comedy etc. If you’re looking to establish yourself as a new TikTok star, the best way is specialize in one type of content and then nail it consistently to build a name for yourself and a loyal following and fanbase.

#3 Create and publish content consistently

To build a following of Tik Tok fans you’re going to have to regularly publish videos. There is no shortcut here. The more videos you make the more people are likely to see them and the higher the chance they’ll then check out your profile and view your other videos. OK, not every video needs to be a well-produced masterpiece, but they should all fit into your niche and all be entertaining in one way or another. Think of your videos as like a snowball rolling down a hill. Every time you make a new one the snowball gets it bigger, making it easier for people to see. The more Tik Tok followers you get, the more Tik Tok will think your content is worth pushing to other users.

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Promote your content

#1 Build a themed profile that fits your niche

Your promotion strategy needs to be built around an identity. Everything you do from your videos to your profile name should all be consistent with your personal brand. Your profile should create an instant desire for people to follow you. On your profile, you want a catchy name and a clear and unique description that instantly gives people an idea about what they’ll get if they follow you.

#2 Share your videos to other platforms

You should look to cross-promote your videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. You can use your personal accounts to share your content with your friends and family or you can set up dedicated accounts for building new followings there too. For new accounts try to build on your brand and if using your personal accounts, always share your Tik Tok profile. Remember the more followers you get on Tik Tok, the more promotion your videos will get by the app itself.

#3 Tag your videos

Hashtags have become an important part of most social networks. Hashtags allow you to reach out beyond your current network of followers by targeting certain content themes. You should keep an eye out for popular hashtags relating to your nichetrending hashtags at any given moment, and rarer hashtags that aren’t so widely used but describe your videos well. You can also create your own hashtags to help your videos stand out further.

Tik Tok tags

#4 Interact with other Tik Tok users

You can comment on other Tik Tok users’ videos. This could attract the user who uploaded it or other users who are also commenting. If you like a popular video or it is related to your niche, it is the perfect place to start interacting with users as they clearly have similar interests. Give your comments some thought, however, and always stick to your personal brand. Don’t be mean, unless your niche is being grumpy. You also need to make sure you engage with comments you get on your own videos too. Another key interaction is following other users and liking their videos. Look for people in and around your niche with decent followings already. If you can interact with them enough, you might break through to their followers too.

How to become Tik Tok famous

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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