Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

The best Pro Evo to dateWindows: If you thought that FIFA 10 would be the final nail in the coffin for Pro Evo then think again. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 proves to be a real return to form for the popular soccer game series. The graphics are more realistic than ever, the controls have been refined, and the tactics section has been completely reworked. Try it for yourself by downloading the six-team demo.

Mac: As mobile devices advance, there’s an increasing demand for software that facilitates closer integration between your phone and your Mac. BluePhoneElite (now updated to version 2.2) is probably one of the most powerful out there, breaking down the barriers between the two devices. Amongst the many benefits of it are that it allows you to extend the functionality of both your Mac and Bluetooth mobile device.

Park cars on your iPhoneiPhone: Parking isn’t the most exciting thing about driving, and yet Parking Mania has managed to create an entertaining casual game out of it! The aim of every level is to move your car into a specified parking space. You do this by tilting to steer, and sliding your thumb up and down to accelerate, brake and reverse.

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