Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Play Snake on your iPhoneiPhone: If you’re one of those people who used to spend more time playing Snake on your Nokia brick phone than you did making calls then check out this modern take on the old classic. Snake XT is a graphically-rich iPhone version of the addictive game that takes the gameplay to a new level. There are two different game modes: arcade and challenge.

Download Google ChromeWindows: Short after its first anniversary, Google has launched version 3 of its web browser. The new Google Chrome includes all the exciting features that were already tested in the Developer and Beta builds: New Tab page redesign, support for themes, improved Omnibox, HTML5 capabilities and a faster speed to render web pages.

bluephoneelite logoMac: As mobile devices advance, there’s an increasing demand for software that facilitates closer integration between your phone and your Mac. BluePhoneElite (now updated to version 2.2) is probably one of the most powerful out there, breaking down the barriers between the two devices. Amongst the many benefits of it are that it allows you to extend the functionality of both your Mac and Bluetooth mobile device.

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