Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Change your Ericsson’s themeSymbian: Bored of looking at the same old interface on your Sony Ericsson phone? Then get Sony Ericsson Themes Creator 3.29 installed right away. The application allows you to customize everything in your Sony Ericsson mobile phone, from standby, to the app launcher, menu and calendar. Thanks to the tabbed interface you can quickly move between the different sections.

Download Poster ForgeWindows: Ever wanted to create your own poster? Take a look at Poster Forge 1.01.10 and you’ll be able to design one in just a few easy steps! You can choose between different templates (an old Far West “Wanted” poster, a movie-style poster or an inspirational one), use any picture you like and customize the poster with your own texts.

iTunesMac: There must really be something wrong with you if you don’t have iTunes 7.7.1 installed on your Mac. Apple’s media player not only lets you buy songs, videos and download podcasts from the Apple store but you can also organize your whole media library, create playlists and synchronize your media on your iPod devices. iTunes is a great piece of software to enjoy your tunes and videos.

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