Tools to manage, backup and sync bookmarks

Tools to manage, backup and sync bookmarks

Manage, backup and sync bookmarksBookmarks are one of those little things in life we don’t pay attention to, but which we certainly miss when we don’t have them around. Our bookmark collection should be taken as seriously as backup copies or password managers: someday it can save your life – or at least save you the pain of recovering all those links one by one.

So if you’ve decided to take care of your bookmarks, the first thing you should probably do is grab hold of a bookmark manager, like URLBase. Yes, web browsers do have embedded bookmark managers, but third-party ones usually include more features and extended functionality. You may also need a tool to clean your bookmark database a bit, that is, scanning it for dead links and duplicate entries. AM-DeadLink is a good choice for this task.

Now, once your bookmark collection is perfectly organized, it’s time to backup it. MozBackup is probably the best option for Firefox users, while IE supporters may turn to myFavorites, an all-in-one management and backup tool for Internet Explorer.

Finally, for those of us who use different computers in different locations (home desktop PC, office desktop PC, laptop while commuting) a bookmark synchronizing app is almost a must. You can use BookmarkSync for general syncing needs or the more specific Foxmark extension just for the Firefox browser.

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