Top 10 iPod apps

Top 10 iPod apps

b_ipod_blk_front_nr.jpgAnybody who has an iPod knows that it’s much more than a simple MP3 player. The new models let you watch movies or store your photos and you can make use of the space to store and carry with you your documents.

When you first buy an iPod, Apple recommends installing iTunes on your PC, to be able to manage and transfer your music library onto your mobile device. Sure, iTunes is a great app, at least it’s where I keep all my tracks and download all my podcasts, but it isn’t the only program that works with your iPod. There are many applications out there to make use of all the possibilities that your mobile device offers.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Windows programs to diversify the way you use your iPod. Manage your content, convert video files, or transfer and read media files thanks to the following programs:

  1. Anapod Explorer : Organize your iPod contents
  2. Yamipod : Copy music from your iPod to your PC
  3. Xilisoft iPod Video Converter : Convert any video file to the iPod format
  4. River Past Crazi Video for iPod: Convert videos to play on your mobile devices
  5. iPod Media Studio : Transfer DVDs to your iPod
  6. Juice : Transfer podcasts to your iPod
  7. Tubehunter : Download online videos to your iPod
  8. Pod2Go : Read the news on your iPod
  9. Virtual iPod : Transfer your music from your iPod to your PC
  10. PodPlus : Use your iPod as a storage device
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