Top 10 practical joke programs

practicaljokes.jpgSo, April Fool’s Day has passed for another year, but if you’re suffering from a hi-jinx withdrawal then don’t worry because there are plenty of apps around that will keep the fun alive all year long. Whether you want to play pranks on your friends or just amuse yourself with some amusing apps, check out the Jokes & Distractions section of Softonic.

Programs such as CrazyTalk and FunPhotor allow you to make animated characters of yourself and others, which are great for sharing with pals to raise a few laughs. Meanwhile, Funny Voice and MorphVOX are great for wind-up phone calls, as they let you distort your voice to confuse and amuse your victims. While we could never condone playing practical jokes in the office, tools like MboX and Desktop Fun are great for appearing to mess up a co-worker’s computer. It’s probably advisable to avoid using these on a Monday morning though!

1. Crazy Talk – Create animated talking characters
2. Voice Changer Software – Change your voice in all manner of ways
3. Funny Voice – Modify the pitch of your voice
4. Reallusion It’sMe – Full-body 3D character animation software
5. Soundy Mouse – Add sounds to your mouse movement
6. ZeallSoft FunPhotor – Put your face into fantasy and funny photos
7. Worms Screenmate – Put the funny little Worms characters on your screen
8. MorphVOX – Voice Changer Pro – Convert your voice into anything you want
9. MBoX – Stitch up your co-workers with this amusing error message creator
10. Desktop Fun – Apply wacky effects to your desktop

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