Top 10 vintage games emulators



MAME logoIf you spent many hours of youth in games arcades or sat behind a games console, you’ll probably occasionally long for those days of poor graphics but great playability. I trashed my Amiga a long time ago but I sometimes get wistful for games such as Kick Off 2, Speedball and Sensible Soccer. When I do, I use an emulator which basically allows you to play old skool games based on their ROM files. Here’s a selection of Softonic’s top 10.

  • Project 64 – Relive all your favourite Nintendo 64 games
  • Mame32 – Emulates games from various consoles
  • iDeaS – Simple Nintendo DS emulator
  • VisualBoyAdvance – Gameboy games in your hands again
  • PCSX2 – Play Playstation games on your PC
  • MyEmulator.Online – All kinds of emulators
  • 1964 – Alternative Nintendo 64 emulator
  • Console Classix – Play hundreds of Sega and Nintendo games
  • Reddit – Emulation subreddit
  • Emulator Zone – Emulator for  classic console games
  • ScummVM – Emulator designed for games based on Lucas Arts films
  • Yabause – Relive those Sega Saturn console classics
  • SainT – Atari ST and Atari console emulator

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