Top 3 apps to exercise your brain

Top 3 apps to exercise your brain
Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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If you’re a student with a big exam coming up or maybe you just want to put a little oil on those brain gears, we have just the thing to get your mind in top shape.

Top three brain teaser and tester apps

1. Elevate


Elevate tests you daily with activities in four different categories: writing, speaking, reading, math. After you take a quick test to assess your strengths, you can choose up to nine different games per category. For example, in the speaking category, you can play a memory game.

elevate memory game screenshot

You’re given a definition and you have to spell the corresponding word from a provided list of letters. All of the games are timed, and once you complete four game sessions, it unlocks the study option. Unlock more difficult games with Elevate Pro at either $7.99 a month, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription.

2. Lumosity


Lumosity has quite a few categories designed to quiz your mind, like problem-solving, speed, mindfulness, language, and flexibility. New games are released frequently and a lot of them are free in each category so you can test drive the app before you buy.

lumosity game

For example, Lost in Migration is a game in the attention category where you work on your selective attention to focus on important information while ignoring distractions. Lumosity Premium is $11.99 monthly and $59.99 for one year.

3. Peak


Like Elevate, Peak starts with a short assessment. The questions are more thorough because you have a specialized coach. After you play five assessment games, the app takes all of your results and personalizes the brain workouts that it will have waiting for you to play the next day.

Peak screenshot

If you want to continue on or replay any games you’ll have to upgrade to Peak Pro, but it was so much fun that we think it’s worth the $2.92 a month, or $34.99 yearly. From then, you’ll have unlimited access to 46 games currently available and all of the new games that are released pretty often.

Let the games begin!

Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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