Top 3 apps to learn coding

Madison Brown


You can do a ton of things with coding skills, from creating a website to getting an iOS game up and running. As the need for technology continues to grow, more people are considering jobs that involve coding but don’t know where to start. We can help! Check out our top three apps to learn coding.

Top 3 apps to learn coding

Mimo is a great app if you have no coding history. It starts by asking you what your coding experience is and what your goal is for learning to code. Goals include becoming a hacker, making a game, programming and more. After you choose a goal, Mimo takes you through different coding language categories step-by-step, relating coding languages to everyday tasks like making a PB&J sandwich. To unlock everything, you can pay $29.99 for three months of access or $49.99 for a year. Available on iOS and Android.
Encode gives you the options to learn Python, Javascript, and how to make webpages with HTML and CSS. Even though it doesn't break down steps quite as much as Mimo, instructions are still easy to understand. A cool thing about Encode is that it offers an offline download function so you have access to your lessons without an internet connection. Most of the lessons are free, but for some, you'll need Encode Plus where you can purchase them individually for $4.99. Available on iOS and Android.
Udacity teaches a wide array of courses in computer science with coding included. If you search 'programming,' it will take you to courses in coding languages that you can download. Udacity is taught by real people, so some lessons aren't free or available immediately; on the lesson page you'll find the date that the classroom will open and be available for purchase. For example, the classroom for an iOS developer nanodegree opened on September 25 for $999. The only thing this app doesn't have are exercises to practice what you've learned. We would recommend Udacity for more advanced learners of coding. Available on iOS and Android.

Best of luck with your coding career!

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