Top 30 Firefox themes

Aluminium Kai 2 Firefox ThemeDon’t particularly like the default theme on Firefox? One good thing about Mozilla’s browser is that you can install a new one, choosing from hundreds with different, original styles. From your top menu bar, just select Tools>Add-ons. When the window pops up select the ‘Themes’ tab and press the ‘get themes’ link at the bottom right of the window. You’ll be taken to a Mozilla page which lists up loads of different themes, organized by category, from retro to animals, sport, modern or more. On Softonic, we’ve selected a few that we particularly like, including the Vista-aero theme, Mostly Crystal and Doodle Plastik.

If you aren’t convinced by these, we suggest taking a look at Mashable’s list of 30 Firefox themes. I quite like FOXSCAPE, with its Netscape-like interface, iFox Smooth, with its Safari for Mac feel, or Ubuntu Human theme, great for Linux fans. There’s also special themes for Halloween, NASA, or The Simpsons. Not all themes look great so I suggest taking the time to select the ones you like most. Also install them, one at a time of course, to really see what they look like on your screen and if you’re comfortable with them. You’ll enjoy freshening up your Firefox’s look.

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