Top 5 ad-blocking utilities

Top 5 ad-blocking utilities

Ad block logoSince I started using Firefox a few years ago, I’ve had few problems with pop-up ads invading my browser. To be fair, it seems that Internet Explorer has improved a lot in this regard too although in the past, it was riddled with ads and annoying pop ups. However, even today I still occasionally suffer from the odd pop up or ad window which has opened often without me even realising it. Ads that are trying to sell me anything from industrial quantities of Viagra to online casinos. If you’re being persistently bothered by ads, the first thing to do is make sure that you’re hard drive is clean of any Trojans or adware by running something like CCleaner or Ad-Aware. If that doesn’t work, then try one of these ad-blocking utilities:

IE Adblock – Designed specifically to block those ads that Internet Explorer fails to deal with

Adblock Plus – Excellent plugin for Firefox which allows users to specify content to filter

Super Ad Blocker – Designed to deal with the latest anti-ad-blocking tricks used by advertisers

Adblock Pro – IE specific adblocker that also claims to increase surfing speeds

Ad Muncher – Cross browser blocker that also blocks ads in IMs such as Messenger and ICQ

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