Top 5 apps to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day

Madison Brown


February always sneaks up faster than you expect, and whether you’re in a long term relationship, a new relationship, or you just want treat yourself this year, we have compiled the top five websites and apps to use to have a warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day

Top 5 online tools to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day

1. Pinterest

Pinterest screenshot for Valentine's Day

You can’t have a true DIY without enlisting the help of good ol’ Pinterest. For those who aren’t familiar, Pinterest is a website (and app) where you can get ideas, look up recipes, or browse for literally anything you can think of. Save websites, images, or video links that users have made in the form of ‘pins’ and save them to boards that you can organize any way that you’d like. Install the Pinterest button on your toolbar so if you’re browsing and see a website that you like, you can make your own pin and save it to your account for others to see as well.

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2. Epicurious

Epicurious screenshot

Whip up a perfect meal for two! Epicurious lets you search a meal by categories like a certain ingredient or special occasion and presents you with a ton of delicious options. Step-by-step recipes with some quick tips about what you should do ahead of time to make your dinner and dessert come together makes this app a must-have. Save recipes for later or add them to your shopping list if you’re about to head out the door to the grocery store.

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3. Hello Vino

Hello Vino screenshot

The drinks are just as important, if not more important than the food. Hello Vino helps you choose which wine will be best for whatever you’re having it with or for a special occasion. If you’re having sushi for dinner, a crisp white wine like a Chardonnay will complement your meal best. The app then lists a few different types of your wine of choice, describes the taste, gives you prices and where to go to pick up a bottle. Short, sweet, and to the point.

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4. OpenTable

Open Table screenshot

If there isn’t a dish you haven’t managed to burn, OpenTable is the place to go when you want to go out. Start with booking ahead, and once you’ve selected the date and turned on your location settings, you can see which restaurants near you (or wherever you’ll be) are accepting reservations. Browse by cuisine, area, and whether you’d like fine dining or a more relaxed setting and you’re all set to let someone else do all the hard work for you.


5. Groupon

Groupon screenshot

If Valentine’s Day was created by the candy companies and single life is where it’s at, use Groupon to take advantage of the amazing slashed prices on services like hot stone massages that are popular during this lame holiday. As the great Beyonce once said, “Me, myself, and I is all I got,” and what you’ve got is a great opportunity to stick it to the man and treat yourself at the same time.  50% off of Edible Arrangements? Don’t mind if we do.


There are a ton of things to do no matter if you’re with that special someone or if that special someone is you, so get out there and have a great time this Valentine’s Day. You deserve it.

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