Top 5 basketball and NBA downloads for Mac

Top 5 basketball and NBA downloads for Mac

The NBA season starts on Tuesday and basketball fans will be looking forward to another mouth watering season featuring Bryant, Gasol and LeBron. Whether you want to follow the action, monitor performance stats, shoot some hoops or just decorate your desktop, here is a selection of top basketball and NBA related downloads for your Mac.

nbapod-02-100x100.pngIf you want to impress your buddies with in-depth knowledge of NBA rules and regulations, then look no further than NBAPod. NBAPod is simply a series of text files of the official NBA rules. You can download them onto your Mac for reading in any text editor or transfer them to your iPod or iPhone for reading on the move.

statbook-03-100x100.pngIf you want to impress them even more with your in depth knowledge of team and player performance stats, then Statbook is your answer. Statbook is ideal for both fans or even players that want to monitor their performance. You can create a category for just about anything and as you build your stats, you can share them in HTML format via e-mail or export them to your iPhone.

basketball-widget-01-100x100.pngTo keep up to date with the latest fixtures, scores and league placing, try Basketball Widget. This desktop widget displays NBA, WNBA and Men’s NCAA College games in local time according to your location and includes league tables. Despite the name, Basketball Widget also supports other sports including Baseball (MLB and minor leagues down to Class A), Football (NFL and NCAA College), and Hockey (NHL).

basketball3.pngIf you can’t be bothered taking to the court to shoot some hoops yourself, then you can always do it on your desktop thanks to Basketball. This simple but addictive widget challenges you to score as many points as possible from as many angles as you can. To aim and shoot the ball, simply extend the black line going from your mouse cursor to the basket. The further you stretch it, the further the ball travels.

2010-10-15-02-100x100.pngOf course, the team to watch this year will be yet again the all conquering LA Lakers who won back-to-back titles with victory in the 2009-10 playoffs. If you’re a Lakers fan, then use this official LA Lakers 2010-11 Schedule Widescreen Wallpaper to keep track of all their up-coming fixtures for the 2010/11 season from October until April. The wallpaper is in widescreen 1920×1200 resolution so it looks great on big screen displays.

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