Top 5 Blu-ray burners and players


Blu-ray logoSo it’s official – Blu-ray will be the next generation of disk that we watch all our movies and audiovisual entertainment on. Just like when VHS eventually triumphed over Betamax, Toshiba has thrown in the towel over its HD-DVD format and conceded defeat over the far more popular Sony Blu-ray disks. Toshiba said that it will no longer produce HD-DVD players or channel any more funding into its development after losing millions of dollars on the format. As a result of this, it seems the PlayStation 3 is going to become even more popular due to its inbuilt Blu-ray player. So with this in mind, what follows is a compilation of the top 5 DVD burners and players that support Blu-ray so you can be ahead of the pack when Blu-ray really takes off. As it does of course, this list will need revising as developers concentrate in creating burners and players dedicated soley to the new format.

PowerDVD – The ultimate player for your Blu-ray disks

Nero – It may be bloated but it still remains the people’s Blu-ray burner of choice

CyberLink Power2Go – Simple but powerful burner that supports Blu-ray

Pocket Movie Master – Compress and take your Blu-ray movies on the move with you

StarBurn Evolution – Semi-dedicated HD burner including for Blu-ray

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