Top 5 DVD decryption tools

DVD Decrypter logoDecryption of DVDs is not always about copying them. Sometimes you need to decrypt a DVD to extract a certain audiotrack, subtitle or enable you to add some of your own and then re-burn it. The problem is that DVD encryption techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the fight against piracy, production companies are having to stay one step ahead of those that want to decrypt DVDs and then copy them for their own commercial gain. If you are having problem decrypting one of your favourite DVDs, one of these should eventually work:

  • DVD Decrypter – The most powerful solution out there – decrypts just about anything
  • AnyDVD HD – Another powerful decrypter that also removes region codes from DVDs
  • RipIt4Me – Claims to be able to decrypt all those DVDs that DVD Decrypter can’t
  • Easydivx – Designed specifically for those that want to decrypt and then backup in DivX
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