Top 5 e-reader apps

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The internet has evolved to the point where we consume the majority of our media on it. Even books have slowly but surely been becoming more prominent online. With so many new eBooks being added, it can difficult to decide which e-readers to use when you want to read them. Below are some of the best e-readers, each with their own specific benefits.

Top 5 e-reader apps

5. iBooks

If you have an Apple product, then you probably already have this app pre-installed on your device. This simple, yet effective, e-reader app has an extensive selection of books to choose from including a variety of audiobooks. While not available for Android, iBooks is one of the best e-reader apps for iOS users, especially since it comes it’s free

iBooks Free Download

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is more of a community app than a simple e-reader. In addition to having many self-published books, the Wattpad app features a large variety of free stories, and is a perfect place for aspiring writers to put their work, or to check out some less renowned stories that may be just as enticing to read.

Wattpad Free Download


3. Aldiko Book Reader

The nice thing about Aldiko Book Reader is its ability to read a variety of file formats, such as PDFs, which some other e-reader apps may not be capable of doing. It’s the perfect app for people who have various files they wish to open on their phone, or who are just looking for an alternative e-reader app with features not found in more common ones.

Aldiko Book Reader Free Download

2. Audible

Unlike the other apps on this list, Audible isn’t exactly for “reading”. Instead, Audible features a wide variety of audiobooks that no other app has. This app is perfect for readers who wish to multitask, so they can listen to their audiobooks and still go about their daily routines.

Audible - audio books, original series & podcasts Free Download

1. Amazon Kindle

If you’re looking for a large variety of books, then nothing compares to the Amazon Kindle app. Amazon’s selection of eBooks ranges from the most popular New York Times bestsellers to the most obscure self-published books. Your pages are synced between all devices so you can switch from your phone to your Kindle device without needing to remember where you left off. It’s also available for both iOS and Android, so anyone can use it.

Kindle Free Download

If you’re looking for more ereader-style apps, our Softonic Solutions community has put together a list of apps similar to Amazon Kindle, that’s worth a look. Solutions lets you vote on your favorites and submit your own ideas!

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