Top 5 iPod transformation tools



iPodIf you only use your iPod to listen to music, you’re missing out on loads of extra things you can do with it. There are many utilities out there to help you convert and transform your iPod into an array of tools such as a video player, storage device, news reader and note taker. Of course, if you’re going to fill it with movies then you’ll need to delete all those albums that are hogging space on your iPod’s hard drive but it’s worth doing, considering you can get all of this out of it:

iPod Video Converter For Free – No ads or fees – just convert films to watch on your iPod

PodPlus – Allows you to transfer everything from e-mails to RSS feeds to your iPod

MojoPac – Transform your iPod into a secure USB storage device

todoPod – Use your iPod to compile lists and store your thoughts on the move

iPodifier – Grab TV streams on your PC and watch them later on your iPod

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