Top 5 Norton utilities

Top 5 Norton utilities

Peter NortonBelieve it or not, Peter Norton, the guru behind Norton utilities, was a Buddhist Monk for a while. In the 1980’s however, he turned his focus away from Buddha and meditated on PC security and data recovery. He then sold his company to Symantec in the early 1990’s but Norton’s name (and face) was to adorn security packages for much of the decade. During this time, most Windows PCs came bundled with Norton utilities which I remember as a complete and utter pain to uninstall. Nevertheless, the Norton name lives on under the Symantec brand and there’s no doubting that Norton has produced some of the most successful and widely used security and backup applications in the world of home computing. Here are 5 of the most popular:

Norton Antivirus
– Fully comprehensive antivirus package featuring rootkit and worm detection

Norton Ghost – One of the best and most efficient ways of backing up your entire system

Norton Internet Security – Complete protection against spyware, spam and phishing via firewall

Norton Partition Magic – Divide your drive into two separate sections in a flash

Norton 360 – The best of Norton, all-in-one – antivirus, firewall, and tuneup utilities

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