Top 5 tools to find a great domain name

Top 5 tools to find a great domain name

Domain Name logoChoosing the right domain name can make or break your online project. Equally, getting in there early before cybersquatters do is worthwhile if you have an idea in mind but are not sure whether to go ahead with it. However, with the internet becoming increasingly saturated, it’s getting more and more difficult to both pick an original name and find one that hasn’t been snapped-up by some hosting giant or the aforementioned squatters. Fortunately, there are tools and utilities out there that can make your online search much easier and help you secure that juicy .com domain first rather than get stuck with .biz. Here are 5 of the best:

Bust A Name – Brilliant online tool which takes your keywords and suggests possible domains

DomainInspect – Searches more than 100 hosting services and databases for your domain

Domain Name Analyzer
– Helps you find a name based on your business or site focus

WhoisThisDomain – Identify who owns the domains that you’d like to buy

Nameboy – Excellent domain name generator based on your specific needs

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