Top 5 video conferencing apps

Top 5 video conferencing apps

Ekiga screenshotVideo conferencing has opened-up a whole world of new possibilities for businesses and individuals. Nowadays it’s easy to conduct meetings across continents or timezones or just keep in touch with long distance loved ones. Of course, Microsoft NetMeeting, Skype and MSN Messenger are the number one applications for video conferencing but they’re not dedicated soley to video conferencing. Here are our top 5 video conferencing apps:

iSpQ VideoChat is aimed at ‘mass conferencing’ by featuring public directories, private chat rooms, and of course, online contact lists for your friends.

Sightspeed features outbound and inbound telephony calling, multi-party video conferencing, and a unique “click to call me” web address for every SightSpeed user.

Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source video conferencing app that’s also interoperable with NetMeeting.

iVisit is designed to work across both Windows and Mac platforms and combines video conferencing, voice calls, instant messaging and file sharing.

Orion started out as an IRC client but now features simple video conferencing thanks to new built in support for Eyelin

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