Top 5 WordPress plugin roundup

WordPress logoInsideTonic is proud to be powered by WordPress and the reason we like it so much is because it’s so customisable. There are tons of cool plugins and extensions and most of them are designed by aficionados. Sometimes this can cause compatibility issues between themes and versions but here’s a roundup of some of the best top five compilations out there.

JohnTP offers a great top 5 for increasing the number of comments on your blog including:

Show Top Commentators – Encourages comments by awarding points
Brian’s Threaded Comments – See exactly which comment has been replied on
Subscribe to Comments – Allows people to keep track of further comments

The Performancing blog suggests top 5 essential must have plugins including:

WordPress Database Backup – Backup your blog in a click
iMax Width – Sets a standard size for all uploaded images
aLinks – flexible plugin that automatically generates links within your blog posts

Finally, unCommon Knowledge suggest their top five including two of my favourites – Akismet and Google Sitemaps:

Google Sitemaps – Get your blog picked-up by Google more easily
Akismet – Stops your comments getting spammed – essential!
Permalink Redirect – Give your blog posts more logical link URIs

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