Top Exciting Christmas Themed Games

Top Exciting Christmas Themed Games
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

Christmas is the time for cheer and celebration. People have different ways of celebrating this festival. Some like to spread a lavish dinner for their family and friends, while others prefer a holiday in a beautiful part of the world. However, some also prefer playing games that bring on some Christmas cheer.

Over the years, there have been many Christmas-themed games that have inspired an all-night gaming session or friendly banter between family members. Here is our list of the top games you should get your hands on this Christmas.

Borderlands 2 – How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

The makers of Borderlands have always created downloadable games across different genres. Their holiday-themed game “How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day” is no different. The Borderlands is known for humor in games, and this game is no different. Although it draws from various pre-existing tales, it’s loaded with entertainment.

Gamers love the various missions and memorable bosses that make this game worth playing. You can compete with others and see who gets the maximum loot, or you could just replay the game to see who defeats the bosses. The crowd’s favorite is the Tinder Snowflake.

Borderlands 2 Top Games Christmas-Themed

Banjo-Kazooie – Freezeezy Peak

The Banjo-Kazooie series has a lot of memorable moments that gamers love, and Freezeezy Peak stands out as one of the best. The game consists of amazing tracks. The whimsical music of the game pairs well with the fantastic winter atmosphere it is set in.

The purpose of Freezeezy Peak is to complete challenging tasks. These tasks are tough compared to the ones you usually see with Banjo-Kazooie. Some of the levels are a must-play if you’re an avid Banjo-Kazooie fan; however, watch out for the giant flying snowman.

Banjo-Kazooie Top Games Christmas-Themed

Batman: Arkham Origins – All Of Gotham

If it is a cold winter atmosphere you’re looking for, then Batman: Arkham Origins won’t disappoint. The Arkham series is known for superior graphics and different enemies to deal with. Although not entirely Christmas-themed, this is a feel-good game where you help Batman defeat Gotham’s enemy and walk away into the shadows (or snowfall).

The game has multiple villains waiting in the winds. Your mission is to use Batman’s arsenal to your advantage and flush out the bad guys. Ardent Batman fans dislike this Arkham game, while others believe it can reach cult status.

Batman Arkham Origins Top Games Christmas-Themed

Bully – Love Makes The World Go Around

Bully is an amazing game, and introducing a holiday special makes fans excited. Although the levels in this series are more challenging, the holiday makes playing the game cheerful.

The game comes in a scholarship and an anniversary edition. These editions extend the regular missions. This adds a fun element to the game and extends the snowy section. If you’re looking for a fun way to kill time during the holidays, this is a great game to get home.

Bully Top Games Christmas-Themed

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

The latest Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a fun game with many challenging levels. However, the Blizzard of Balls level is extremely challenging. The background and the enemies on this level are different from the rest.

The game is set in a snowy kingdom, and there are numerous villain snowmen and trees to defeat. This is a top game that can prove challenging even for the most accomplished gamer.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Top Games Christmas-Themed

Hitman: Blood Money

The Hitman series is another popular game franchise among simulation gamers. The game follows the antics of Agent 47, and there are various levels that have proven to be challenging over the years.

The game has various missions, and the seventh mission will get you in the holiday spirit. Although there are no holiday-themed villains, you have the option of dressing up for this level. You can dress as Santa or one of his helpers while you go about this mission.

Hitman Blood Money Top Games Christmas-Themed

Kingdom Hearts 2

The second part of Kingdom Hearts is sure to win hearts all around, thanks to the inclusion of Christmas Town in the game. It is an amazing holiday-themed area to explore and contains various challenges.

Gamers have to face interesting boss fights while a holiday-themed tune runs in the background. The makers have also introduced new tracks for Christmas Town, so the Christmas experience will continue.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Top Games Christmas-Themed

Twisted Christmas

Twisted Christmas is a truly twisted game. It is part of the Killing Floor series. Gamers can choose from various maps while trying to slay Zed in the bargain. This is a holiday-themed game where the enemy looks like a character out of a Christmas Disney movie (only scarier).

Gamers can obtain items and gear while playing the game; however, the fun lies in killing the horrific zombies. This is a fun game that can keep you engaged for hours. In addition to these characters, there are plenty of cosmetic modifications in the game to bring about a Christmas feeling.

Twisted Christmas Top Games Christmas-Themed

Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 is an action-packed, fun game that keeps gamers on the edge of their seats with unbelievable missions. The storytelling and visuals are stunning, and gamers can play this game for hours.

The game even has a special appearance from Santa that adds to the Christmas cheer. This is a fun Christmas game with strange characters and plot twists adding to the excitement.

Saints Row 4 Top Games Christmas-Themed

Get, Set, Cheer

There you have it. Some of the top Christmas-themed games and levels that are sure to add to the holiday cheer. Gamers love playing special edition games that are rare to find. These games are up there with the best, and their visual and graphic quality is second to none. Get one of these special games home today and begin your overnight gaming expedition.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

I live in South Africa, Cape town, as a father of two children. I've been gaming almost all my life, with plenty of experience writing reviews and articles on the latest titles. With 15 years of experience in local government performing Facilities Management functions, I moved towards becoming CEO of my own company, Celenic Earth Publications, which serves to publish author's books, including my own. I'm a published author of horror and fantasy novels, while I also dabble in game and movie scriptwriting.

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