Top 10 terrifying games and events to play this Halloween!

Top 10 terrifying games and events to play this Halloween!

Shaun M Jooste


Something wicked this way cometh! It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve, also known by many as Halloween. While some people will celebrate the day of the Saints and honor deceased loved ones, others will be trick or treating. For us gamers, it means a festival of horror games and in-game events!

Therefore, I’ve decided to put together a list of 10 games and events for Halloween you won’t want to miss. I’ll start with games before moving to in-game events at the end. Be sure you grab a copy of these to be truly terrified during this horror season.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

While the first game was a smash hit with survival horror gamers, Dying Light 2 was highly anticipated and a massive success upon launch. It brought another detailed storyline, improved graphics and gameplay, and more zombies. It will give you a thrill as you struggle to survive against the undead.

Dying Light 2 - Stay Human DOWNLOAD

You can also play with friends in multiplayer mode, sharing your screams together. The ultra-realistic visuals and sounds with have your heart racing as you hide in the shadows. If fear holds no home in your heart, take your weapons and charge out to eliminate your enemies.

Resident Evil: Village

After the success of the first-person view of RE 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village returned to the story of Ethan Winters. Many features are similar to Resident Evil 4, especially the village you’ll encounter and the typewriter save points. This time, you’ll be facing Lycan creatures with military training on your side.

Resident Evil Village DOWNLOAD

As you progress through the game, the sounds and visuals will set the gaming scene for Halloween. Your heart will be racing as you explore massive buildings and structures. You won’t know what’s waiting for you around the next wall, plus you’ll have puzzles to solve.

Be sure to read all about the Resident Evil showcase that took place recently, presented by colleague Russ Kidson.

Cult of the Lamb

For those of you who enjoy base-building games, try Cult of the Lamb for Halloween. You have an area where you collect cult members that worship you and feed your power. There are also sim-like mechanics where you need to keep your followers happy at all times.

Cult of the Lamb DOWNLOAD

When you’re ready for some action, you head to the dungeons to clear them for rewards. Your followers will be waiting for you back at the base. There are plenty of dark elements, visuals, and gameplay mechanics that will satisfy those who have dark hearts.

Be sure to check out our complete Cult of the Lamb review by Juliet Childers.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

I’ve decided to add a personal favorite of mine to this list of games to play during Halloween. Silent Hill 4: The Room was the title in the series I enjoyed the most. It wasn’t originally intended to be an SH game, but there are so many scary aspects that will have you jumping from your seat and running from your room. Just ask me, who did the same when I first met the evil twin monster with the baby faces.

Silent Hill 4: The Room DOWNLOAD

You spend time investigating a past crime while inspecting a hole that appeared in your bathroom wall. As you progress through the game, your room becomes darker and heavier. Ghosts and demons start appearing, making you rush to complete the mystery of the serial killer, Walter Sullivan.

I presented an article on what to expect from the new Silent Hill games after the Konami showcase, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Mirror Forge

There was no way I was going to make a list of Halloween games without including Mirror Forge. You can play the demo so long while MystiveDev is still developing it, and I recommend you do. It’s one hell of an eerie game, pun intended. 

Mirror Forge DOWNLOAD

I don’t want to ruin the demo’s story for you, but you can read my gameplay experience in my detailed Mirror Forge review. There’s suspense around every corner as you wonder what will happen next. The visuals are outstanding, but they’ll also send your heart racing. Check the demo and see for yourself!

Elder Scrolls Online: Witch Event

Many ESO fans like myself have been playing the Heroes of High Isle events in the new area of Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls Online Witch Event went live recently, unlocking new quests, daily tasks, items, outfits, and more. There are plunder skulls to obtain when you fight bosses, which unlock new skins and resources.

Elder Scrolls Online DOWNLOAD

When you complete enough quests and obtain more plunder skulls, you’ll unlock a special pet and outfit items. It’s fun running around as a scarecrow or mage skeleton while completing tasks, even your daily writs. You can even buy a scary Halloween home with furnishings by the swamp if you have enough crowns. I used my last crowns just for his new abode (don’t judge me).

Fishing Planet: Halloween Event

As usual, Fishing Planet is all geared up for Halloween this year. There are monster fish for you to catch, but only if you have the bait needed for them. You’ll see pumpkins around the lake, while there’s a mysterious druid stone that wants some unique items from you. If you don’t mind spending real money, you can also buy the Hellish Fighter Pack for special rods, reels, bait, and more.

Fishing Planet DOWNLOAD
Top Halloween Games and Events

Diablo Immortal Hallow’s Wake

Diablo Immortal is also holding a Halloween event called Hallow’s Wake. It’s running until November 2, so you won’t want to miss out. There are a few tasks to carry out, such as hunting goblins, killing the vengeful dead, and completing Haunted Rifts. You’ll receive plenty of fun rewards, such as the Hallowed Choker Portrait Frame, Strawman Sack Mask, and Ghosted Emote.

Diablo Immortal DOWNLOAD
Top Halloween Games and Events

ARK Fear Evolved 6 Halloween Event

Here’s another game that has an annual Halloween event. ARK: Survival Evolved has dinosaur skeletons and massive bosses to fight, which will vanish after November 2, 2022. If you manage to defeat them, they’ll reward you with skins for you and your tamed dinos, as well as other neat gifts. There are also zombie variants of some species to find and defeat, but you can only tame a few of them. 

ARK Survival Evolved DOWNLOAD
Top Halloween Games and Events

Pokemon GO Halloween Event I and II

As announced recently by Leri Koen, phase 1 of the Pokemon GO Halloween event will end today. We’ll see the second phase appear on November 1, 2022. You’ll find Pokemon dressed in spooky gear, and there will be search-timed events. There will also be dark creatures to battle, so keep your eyes open while you trick-or-treat in your neighborhood!

Top Halloween Games and Events

Are you ready to be terrified?

There are plenty more Halloween games and events to enjoy, but the ones above are definitely my favorite. I don’t know which game to give most of my attention to, but for now, it’s all-weapons-blazing in Elder Scrolls Online. I’m also making time to complete my second Silent Hill horror novel, so I’ll be having my own author Halloween festival at home. What’s scarier than going into the abyss of your mind to deliver a scary story to your fans?

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