Top tools to remove red-eye from your photos

Red Eye Remover logoThere’s nothing worse than when you’ve composed the perfect photo and those in it look like they’re possessed by the devil. I am of course talking about red eye which has afflicted more of my photos than I care to remember. On one particularly unfortunate occasion, I was taking photos at a christening and the vicar had terrible red eye on all the photos – it looked like the baby was demonic.

Although many new digital cameras have an anti red-eye pre-flash function, it doesn’t always work – rather it can simply end up half blinding your subject so they have closed eyes rather than red ones. However, there are a few tools out there designed specifically to remedy the dreaded problem. One of the best in S10 RedEyes. The advantage of this program is that it performs smooth pixel blending (known as anti-aliasing) along the perimeter of the selection area whereas other programs often leave a distinct contrast difference and/or a jagged border between the corrected eye and its surrounding area. The result is that you can barely notice any adjustment has been to the photo.

Another solution is Red Eye Remover which is much simpler because all it requires you to do is highlight the eye in a rectangle and the program automatically does the rest. On the other hand, if you need something a bit more powerful with more control, then you’d be better to try PhotoImpro which fixes red-eye but also allows you to carry out other corrective functions via filters, especially regarding lighting and contrast.

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