Torrex Lite: The Torrent Downloader for Windows RT & Windows 8

Torrex Lite: The Torrent Downloader for Windows RT & Windows 8

With Windows RT, classic torrent downloaders like uTorrent won’t work. However, with Torrex Lite there is another powerful torrent downloader.

We’ll show you how to set up the software correctly.

1. Download and install Torrex Lite

2. Set Torrex Lite as the Default program for .torrent files

Search on the Start menu for “default programs” and click on the search result.

This will open the Default Programs window. Click “Set your default programs“.

Windows displays a list of installed programs. Select Torrex on the left and then click on the button “Set this program as default“.

3. Download a torrent file and Torrex will start automatically

In Internet Explorer, you can now download a Torrent file and start the download automatically with Torrex. In Internet Explorer, click on the appropriate link below and then on “Open“.

It automatically opens Torrex with the desired torrent file. A prompt on Start ensures the download loads correctly.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a bar with more options.

Here you can set the speed limits for uploading and downloading and the maximum number of simultaneous connections for uTorrent and other torrent downloaders.

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