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Trending TikTok songs: Last week’s hits

Trending TikTok songs: Last week’s hits
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok lately—and let’s be real, who hasn’t—you’ve probably caught yourself humming a catchy tune you heard for a grand total of 15 seconds. Yes, we’re talking about those trending TikTok songs that are as infectious as they are pervasive.

Not only do they spice up your feed, but they also offer a quick escape from everyday life. Wondering why these snippets of sound hold so much sway? Stick with us, and you’ll soon become an aficionado of TikTok’s musical universe.

Top 3 trending TikTok songs in the “Popular” category

Song 1: Oh U Went (feat. Drake) by Young Thug

  • “Oh U Went” is a tune where Young Thug and Canadian megastar Drake join forces. Young Thug talks up his growing wealth, while Drake chimes in about his established status in the music world. The end result? A song that’s both melodic and has that edgy trap vibe we all love.
  • If “Oh U Went” reminds you of Thug’s 2019 hit “Mannequin Challenge” with Juice WRLD, you’re onto something. Just like in the earlier track, Young Thug uses a playful, repetitive rhythm. Drake, for his part, channels the laid-back flow we first heard from Juice WRLD.
  • Young Thug doesn’t shy away from sprinkling in some nods to his edgier lifestyle in the song. These references eerily foreshadowed his arrest in May 2022. Meanwhile, Drake chimes in, affirming Young Thug’s lyrics and adding his own spin to the track.

Song 2: A Little Too Good by Vincent Mason

  • Vincent Mason’s “A Little Too Good” dives deep into the bittersweet territory of a love story that’s come to an end, yet its echoes remain. The song takes us into the early morning hours, where loneliness and nostalgia collide.
  • The lyrics really hit home for anyone who’s been through a breakup. From parked cars under starry skies to that lingering feeling of ‘forever,’ the song encapsulates those moments we’ve all experienced but are hard to put into words. It’s like reliving those precious memories through a musical lens.
  • But here’s the kicker—while things seemed perfect back then, the song reflects on how everything felt a bit too perfect, a bit too fast. It’s that ‘too good to be true’ realization that brings a sense of grounding, making “A Little Too Good” a track that resonates on multiple emotional levels.

Song 3: Eat That But by Moblilb3000

  • “Eat That But” by Moblilb3000 is truly a creature of the community, born from the collective creativity that makes the internet such an amazing place. While the details about its origins are as mysterious as a locked treasure chest, its impact is undeniable.
  • The song may not come with a backstory, but that’s part of its allure. It’s like that random piece of art you find in a thrift store—no signature, no artist’s statement, but somehow it draws you in and keeps you guessing.

Top 3 Trending TikTok songs in the “Breakout” category

Song 1: Alone With You by Arz:

  • “Alone With You” by Arz breaks away from the typical rap game norms to deliver a love song that’s more roses than racy. It’s a refreshing detour into romance, providing a softer side that often goes unexplored in the genre.
  • Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill rap track. The lyrics veer away from the usual topics, focusing instead on the sweet little things that make love, well, lovely. Think less about bling and swagger, and more about flowers, tender kisses, and cozy movie nights.
  • At the heart of it all, Arz’s message is simple but profound: he wants to be alone with the one who makes his heart sing. It’s a song that gives you permission to unapologetically celebrate love, making “Alone With You” a unique gem in the rap scene.

Caught flights and feelings.

♬ Alone With You – Arz

Song 2: Hood Rats (with Sukihana) by Sexyy Red & Sukihana:

  • “Hood Rats (with Sukihana)” by Sexyy Red & Sukihana is the track you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to forget. With lyrics that are raunchy enough to make even a sailor blush, this song isn’t for the faint of heart—but boy, is it entertaining!
  • When it comes to delivery, both Sexyy Red and Sukihana are in a league of their own. They serve up the NSFW lines with a side of sass and a dash of charisma, showing they both own their space in the rap world. Let’s also give a nod to the production: crisp as a freshly ironed shirt and just as smooth.
  • Don’t let the naughty lyrics fool you; this song is all about having a good time. From the production to the performance, it’s designed to make you laugh and maybe even dance a little. It’s a fun-fest from start to finish, and we have a hunch you’ll agree.

Song 3: Particles – Slowed by Viliam Lane:

  • “Particles” isn’t your average instrumental track; it’s more like a sonic journey through a cosmic landscape. Imagine a black hole forming in the vast expanse, all while a seemingly immortal teleported cameraman captures it—yeah, it’s that kind of extraordinary.

How music defines the TikTok experience?

Imagine TikTok without music. It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich minus the jelly—sure, it’s still good, but something crucial is missing. Music is the heartbeat of TikTok; it fuels viral dances, makes memes more meme-y, and adds the extra sparkle to your pet’s adorable antics.

Trending TikTok songs

The trending TikTok songs you hear everyday may only involved in short clips, but they pack a punch, setting the mood and often driving the narrative of a video.

What makes a song TikTok Famous?

Alright, so we’ve established that music is TikTok‘s secret sauce. But what elevates a song from mere background noise to full-blown TikTok fame? We think it boils down to a few factors:

  • Catchiness: If the tune is stuck in our heads after one listen, that’s a winner.
  • Meme potential: A song that lends itself to various interpretations or funny scenarios has a higher chance of going viral.
  • Cultural resonance: Sometimes, a song encapsulates a moment or a feeling that many can relate to, propelling it to stardom on the platform.
Trending TikTok songs

Tune in next week for a new playlist

Alright, music explorers, we’ve given you the lowdown on this week’s chart-toppers and breakout stars. But let’s be honest, the playlist of trending TikTok songs is as dynamic as a well-executed dance challenge. Songs rise, songs fall, and who knows what viral treasure we’ll be humming next week? So, mark your calendars and tune in next week. We promise a whole new playlist that’ll have you saying, “I heard it here first!”

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