TrueCrypt encryption software suddenly ends development

TrueCrypt encryption software suddenly ends development

The popular open-source disk encryption software, TrueCrypt, has stopped development. A message posted on the software’s site warned users that the app “may contain unfixed security issues.”

Fears of NSA tampering quickly spread throughout the Internet but the reality is nothing so dramatic. A TrueCrypt developer told Reuters that development stopped out of boredom of the project.

Does this mean TrueCrypt users are vulnerable to attack? No, it just means that TrueCrypt will no longer be offering updates for security holes that may or may not be exposed in the future. For now, TrueCrypt users are safe until someone finds a way to exploit it.

Should you keep using TrueCrypt? You can probably get away with it for the time being but you’ll want to use a tool that’s constantly updated with security patches.

Windows users can use BitLocker, a disk encryption feature that’s built into the operating system.

Mac users have a couple of options. For encrypting your Mac’s entire hard drive, you can use FileVault, which is located in the System Preferences. If you just want to create an encrypted volume on your drive, you can do so using the built-in Disk Utility program, located in the Utilities folder.

Source: Reuters

Via: Engadget

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