Try 3D puzzle game English Country Tune

Try 3D puzzle game English Country Tune

Indie developer Increpare is extremely prolific, and has made some of the most unusual games around. His latest project is the highly polished 3D puzzle game English Country Tune.

It’s typically abstract, but really playable. You control a square that flips around 3D puzzles, moving objects to complete them. Check out this trailer for a better idea of how it works!

English Country Tune looks cool, and is really atmospheric. I’ve enjoyed playing it, but be warned – it’s hard! While there is help and concepts are introduced gently, English Country Tune quickly gets tough and will really make you think. You might find that refreshing, as games tend to be easy these days, but you equally might find it frustrating!

Luckily there’s a demo for PC and Mac so you can find out for yourself if you’re mentally tough enough! English Country Tune is available for PC, Mac and iOS. Check it out and tell us what you think! You can read my full review here.

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