Twitter polls, YouTube paid subscriptions, Facebook connects refugee camps, and other news

Twitter polls, YouTube paid subscriptions, Facebook connects refugee camps, and other news

On the Softonic Roundup this week Twitter tests polling, YouTube starts charging, Facebook continues connecting people, and more.

Last week a new poll feature started popping up on Twitter for its employees and verified accounts. A poll can run for 24 hours and allows users to pick between two responses, after which the results are tallied. (Source: Mashable)

Murmurs suggest that YouTube may soon be introducing a new paid service that will remove ads and provide a subscription to YouTube Music Key. Rumors speculate that the price of a subscription will be $10 a month which, if true, could make it huge competitor for Spotify and Apple Music. (Source: re/code)

We also touch on Samsung’s latest trip into virtual reality, the Samsung Gear VR. This just got a release date and price – November and $99 respectively. While that does sound like a bargain, keep in mind you’ll need a 2015 Samsung phone to attach to the peripheral. (Source: TechCrunch)

Next, Instagram now has 400 million users. Impressive in itself, but even more so given that this number comes just nine months after it hit 300 million. The company specifically highlights Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia for the huge jump. (Source: TechCrunch)

We wish Google a happy 17 birthday for the 28th of September, and marvel at their retro Doodle to celebrate the event. (Source: Google Doodles)

And finally, we look at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to bring internet to Syrian refugee camps. The internet is no longer a luxury and – by bringing it to the camps – the hope is that it will reconnect loved ones and help people create better support networks. (Source: CNet)

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