Understanding the Various Game Modes in Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Understanding the Various Game Modes in Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted offers a number of different ways to have fun. When you choose various game modes, the game and your objectives can change considerably. Take a look at the following game modes to discover your favorites:

Quick Race

Want to jump right into the action? Then Quick Race Mode is for you. When you join a quick race, you have the chance to customize a number of elements, including the number of laps, vehicle transmission type, and more. You can also jump into a quick race with other players in multiplayer mode or race against friends using split screen.

Career Mode

In Career Mode, you take on the role of a street racing enthusiast in the fictional city of Rockport, starting off behind the wheel of a BMW M3 GTR. Inititally, you encounter local law enforcement, but are soon on your own to take on the challenges ahead in Rockport’s underground racing scene. Throughout Career Mode, you face all kinds of obstacles, including other racers, trying courses, and a gaggle of police, all of which are intended to take you out. If you’re good enough, however, you’ll have the opportunity to earn new vehicles and take your place as the most wanted racer in Rockport.

Challenge Series Mode

When you enter Challenge Series Mode, you’ll have the chance to compete in a number of different competitions, including Tollbooth Time Trials, Pursuit Length, Pursuit Evasion, Infractions, Cost to State, Bounty, Trade Paint, Roadblock, and Spike Strip. Each one of these challenges presents you with different obstacles and rewards, and you can move up in the ranks as you win each challenge. In addition, there is a hidden challenge called the Burger King Challenge which can be unlocked by entering “burgerking” at the title screen. Also, if you end up playing the Black Edition of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, you’ll have the chance to take part in the special Black Edition Challenge.

Speed Trap

In Speed Trap Mode, players compete to see if they can attain and retain the highest level of speed across multiple speed cameras. Once a player crosses the finish line, the remaining vehicles gradually lose power in acceleration.

Circuit Events

When you play Circuit Events, you drive on pre-set courses against other vehicles in an attempt to get across the finish line first. One really nice thing about Circuit Events is that they can be played in both single-player mode and multiplayer, providing plenty of options to earn bragging rights.

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Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team