Use iPhone apps as Firefox add-ons

FirefoxOne of the biggest announcements linked to the launch of the iPhone was that Apple was going to let outside developers create their own web applications for the new mobile device. The result was a creativity frenzy and all sorts of applications popping up. Today I found this post which cleverly tells you how to test out these iPhone apps if you don’t have Apple’s much desired mobile do-it-all gadget. Try installing them onto your Firefox browser instead. Thomas McMahon, author of many Firefox themes, explains how to set up iPhone apps in your browser:

Simply bookmark the link in Firefox, then go in and “organize your bookmarks”, highlight it and click the options button, then you’ll see the “load in sidebar” option. Click that and save it. Now, whenever you load the bookmark, it’ll pop open in Firefox’s sidebar.

I tried it with the Facebook and Feedme applications, which worked alright. In a way, you can also load them up in a normal browser tab, but the sidebar is better because it offers about the same size as an iPhone screen. It’s definitely worth testing out, and you might just end up preferring the iPhone apps to their normal Firefox counterparts.

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