Walking Simulator? Steam launches user defined tags for games

Jonathan Riggall


Steam has introduced user tagging for games, so you can help to classify games, meaning there will be more ways to find a particular title. However, it has also resulted in a swathe of amusing tagging, offering everything from wry commentary about the game, to criticism and spoilers!

Announced yesterday, Steam Tags are user defined tags that anyone with a Steam account can add to any game on the service. The project is in beta, so this early wild tagging may be tempered soon. On any game page, you can now pull up the most popular tags for that game, and click on each tag to see other games with the same tag. As more and more users tag games, the lists will get more useful. Steam Tags also allows Valve to use the community to help tag games in different languages. You’ll see the tags set by users in the same language you use Steam.

Walking Simulator? Steam launches user defined tags for games

For now, it’s fun to browse the store and see what fun gamers have been having. Someone tagged Skyrim with ‘Spiders‘, survival game 7 Days to die with ‘Painful‘, Karaoke game Let’s Sing is tagged ‘Let’s Not‘ and DayZ is tagged ‘walking simulator‘. Bioshock Infinite currently has one tag which is a huge spoiler, so be wary!

On Twitter the Community Manager of Micromolecule (developer of Little Big Planet) explained how they found that they had to put more weight on developer tagging than user tagging to get a system that works. We’ll no doubt see some balancing in how Steam Tags are applied soon.


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