Waze finally arrives for Apple CarPlay

Sure, Google Maps are nice. But do they help you know when cops are lying in wait on the highway? Nope. That’s where Waze comes in. Today, everybody’s favorite speeding ticket eliminator arrives on Apple CarPlay.

If your ride has Apple CarPlay, just use Bluetooth or a USB cable to connect your iPhone. Once you click on the Waze icon, you’ll be able to use Waze as normal.

The screen will now show your home, work, and favorites as destinations. You can also see your full route overview and report on those road hazards and waiting police cars right on your screen.

If you need help setting up your iPhone with CarPlay, you can find the info right here.

Waze has been one of the most-requested CarPlay apps, so today’s news will be a major win for lead-footed drivers and anyone who enjoys Waze’s navigation over Apple or Google.

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