What can I do with my tablet: entertain the kids

What can I do with my tablet: entertain the kids

In this episode of our series for Android tablets, I’ll explain how you can entertain the kids with your tablet, by downloading games to entertain and maybe even teach something to the little ones.

If we can use the tablet for reading, working and cooking, why not also use it to entertain the kids? Some people aren’t too keen on the idea and raise a variety of objections, like not wanting to leave such expensive device in the hands of a little child, or wondering if it’s healthy to let them spend time gazing at a screen.

But in this article we present applications that can be used with even the littlest of kids, apps that will let you teach them the basics of math, help them develop creativity or simply entertain them. Some of the apps can be used alone, but others you may want to supervise from a distance, or even up closer!

Learn the basics

One of the best ways to use your tablet with kids is when it’s fun and educational at the same time, taking advantage of the opportunity to teach something.

Kids ABC Trains Game

What better way to learn the letters of the alphabet than with much-loved trains? Kids ABC Trains Game combines the fun world of rail transport with teaching letters. There are five different activities in the game, ranging from going along the train tracks in the shape of a letter with your finger, to identifying the sound of the letter and sending the train straight into the garage.

Download Kids ABC Trains Game for Android

Numbers & Addition! Math games

Familiarizing yourself with numbers even before elementary school is important, all the better if it’s done with a game. In Numbers & Addition! Math games there are three types of activities: first you have to determine the order of the numbers by making a frog jump, in another you have to learn to count with moles and last, you learn to calculate with ostriches!

Download Numbers & Addition! Math games for Android

Gummies Playground

Having colorful gummie bears as teachers is every child’s dream. It might even make learning numbers, letters, shapes, colors and animals easier, especially when combined with games and constant encouragement. With three levels of difficulty, it can grow with the child as they progress from two to five years.

Download Gummies Playground for Android

Design, color and dream!

Math and letters can sometimes get a bit boring, and children need to vent their creativity from time to time. There are plenty of apps to color and become familiar with different sounds and music, but not all of them are the best quality. Here are some that do make the grade.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

Allowing children to draw without destroying the living room walls is every parent’s dream. If you’ve had enough of the sofa sporting all the shades of the crayon box, then Kids Doodle is a great replacement for markers and crayons. You can color screens or paint pictures, and there are lots of different tools available. It also includes the ability to save drawings and send them via email to share or print.

Download Kids Doodle – Color & Draw for Android

colAR Mix

Wouldn’t it be nice if drawings could come to life? Well, with coLAR Mix they do! Well, nearly. Just print the designs from the app or from the official site, color them and then scan them with the application. You’ll then see the creatures come to life in the form of augmented reality. The drawings become three-dimensional, moving animations. It’s pretty amazing, and we think your child will agree!

Download colAR Mix for Android

Kids Animal Piano Free

If you don’t have a xylophone at home, or you think that putting it in the hands of a little baby could melt your eardrums after a few minutes, then the excellent app Kids Animal Piano Free is a great way for little kids to express their musical creativity. In addition to jamming sessions with more classical sounds, you can replace the traditional sounds with the animal noises and perform pre-recorded songs.

Download Bambini Animal Piano for free

Solo play

Sometimes letting your child play by themselves is a good way to get some peace. Before you hand him or her the tablet and dedicate yourself to what you want to do, it’s best to install the right apps!

Kid Mode

If you plan to hand over your tablet to an infant, Kid Mode is a must for your Android device. This application allows you to block: access to apps, the ability to make purchases and call or delete emails. Instead, what the child can do is log on and play games installed on the tablet, draw and read books.

Download Child Mode for Android

Peppa Pig’s Holiday

We couldn’t leave out a game that stars the hit of children’s television. In Peppa Pig’s Holiday, your infant can relive the adventures of the piglets during the holidays in seven different adventures, and is as good played alone as it is with friends. The application contains no in-app purchases, and is therefore ideal to be used with casual supervision.

Download Peppa Pig’s Holiday for Android

Entertain toddlers…and older kids!

We’ve seen how, accompanied by an adult, the tablet can be a great tool to entertain the little ones. You can use it to teach them the basics of mathematics or letters through playing, to stimulate their creativity in art and music or just to keep them entertained with their favorite cartoons.

Apart from entertaining children, there are also many apps and games for older kids and adults that aim to stimulate our brains. In the next installment in the series we’ll see how you can use the tablet to train your brain.

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