What to watch on Netflix this March

What to watch on Netflix this March

Freaky February is almost over, but there has been a host of spooky, mind-bending movies and TV shows added Netflix to Netflix over the last few weeks. From horror to sci-fi, these nail-biting arrivals will have you hiding behind the sofa or on the edge of your seat. So grab the popcorn, a friend’s hand to squeeze, and let the madness begin. Here’s our rundown of the best things to watch on Netflix this March


What to watch on Netflix

1. Altered Carbon

Hyper-violence and intrigue abound in this adaptation of the novel by Richard K. Morgan.  

In the year 2384, human consciousness is extracted and stored after death. Only the wealthiest can afford new bodies, or “sleeves.”

Takeshi Kovacs, a deceased military operative, has been resurrected to solve a murder. Reinserted inside his new sleeve, Takeshi is asked by one of the wealthiest men on Earth to track down his killer.

Expect plot twists, visceral action, and complex moral choices as Netflix beautifully reconstructs Morgan’s dystopian future. Not for kids.

2. The Ritual

Four thirty-something men journey across a wild, dramatic landscape in a bid to rekindle fading friendships. But when one of the group is injured, forcing them to take a shortcut through an eerie forest, the men are pursued by a deadly menace that threatens to keep them there forever.

Based on the book by Adam Nevill, The Ritual is a suspenseful, terrifying hike through the Swedish countryside. Not just a horror tale, the movie also explores how shared tragedy can test friendships.

Directed by David Bruckner, of the cult horror hit V/H/S, the movie racks up the tension while getting us closer to the characters, and never quite revealing exactly what they’re up against until the final moments.

Watch it. I dare you.

3. Frankenstein Chronicles

Sean Bean stars in this dark, gloomy shocker with blood and mystery aplenty.

Inspector John Marlott is on the hunt for a child killer in 19th century London. The evidence points to an elusive doctor who can raise the dead – sound familiar?

Echoes of Mary Shelley’s famous novel ripple throughout the plot, without being a direct adaptation. Frankenstein Chronicles is a sort of period drama with a heavy dose of horror.

4. Mute

When a mute bartender discovers his partner missing, he embarks on a dangerous quest to find her. With two surgeons seemingly the only clue to her whereabouts, he must race against time and local crime lords to win the love of his wife back.

But this is Berlin, 50 years from now. A melting point of cultures, underground violence, and general mayhem. Will he find her before it’s too late? Watch and find out.

5. Derren Brown: The Push

British mentalist Derren Brown manipulates people into doing bad things in the first of three Netflix specials. Although Derren is keeping the show mostly under wraps, I can reveal that someone may or may not get pushed off a building. (You know, just for entertainment.)  

Derren’s previous psychological stunts include a bout of Russian Roulette, forced confessions to fake crimes, and throwing someone bound and bagged into a lake. So expect some twisted psychological shocks as you ask yourself, “What would I do in that situation?”

Well, I hope this list has got your heart racing and palms sweaty – probably time you cleared your schedule for a binge, don’t you think?

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