What’s new in PUBG Mobile 2.2?

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 2.2?
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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PUBG Mobile is easily one of the most popular games around. Brendan Green and his company, PlayerUnknown, have cemented themselves in the gaming hall of fame with this entry. There are so many reasons that PUBG has garnered such intense public interest, but the key factor is likely that you get to compete against players the world over. 


Update 2.2 of PUBG Mobile is finally here, and we’re going to break down the most important items on the laundry list of patch notes that recently saw the light. Be prepared, though; there are so many changes in this new version it might as well be a brand-new game! Let’s jump into that laundry list, shall we?

Nusa comes to PUBG Mobile

The biggest change to come in PUBG Mobile 2.2 is the launch of a brand new map. You may have heard about this already – you may even have played on the new map by the time you read this – but just in case this is the first you’re hearing about a new map, here’s a short description. Nusa is a brand-new 1×1 km map that has some of the most beautiful vistas and landscapes of any battle royale map. 1×1 km does mean that the map is relatively small compared to others, though.

This makes Nusa a little more challenging than other PUBG maps, but the devs say it also makes for faster matches. You’ll be able to play on the new map in Ranked and Unranked game modes, so it’s relatively unrestricted. The map is also incredibly abundant in supplies, which makes it super easy to get set up with everything that you might need. 

PUBG Mobile 2.2

New mechanics

Along with Nusa, which became available on the 15th of September, we’ve also got a whole lot of new mechanics. The first of these is called Special Recall and it essentially means that if you die in the first four minutes of gameplay, you’ll be automatically respawned with a random weapon – provided that you have teammates that are still battling. You’ll only be able to respawn once, though. 

We’ve also got ziplines that we can now use to get across Nusa faster. Simply walk up to a zipline and you’ll be whisked across the picturesque landscape. There’s a caveat with the zipline mechanic though; Ziplines damage quite easily, so use them at your own peril. You can also carry one of the new Tactical Crossbows with you, which you can use to repair ziplines on the go. 

Another cool mechanic is the elevator. These are already installed all over Telepak Town – look for them inside any hotel. You can use elevators to move between floors a lot quicker than a flight of stairs, and this will also help you save up energy for when you really need it most. 

PUBG Mobile 2.2

New weapons in PUBG Mobile

It wouldn’t be a major PUBG Mobile update without new weapons. We only get two this time around, but they’re absolute brutes. First off we have the Tactical Crossbow that we mentioned above. Apart from repairing ziplines, this baby is also useful for sending buildings up in flames with flaming bolts.

The second new weapon is the NS2000 Shotgun. If you were looking for a high-powered weapon, this new update has you covered. This gun gives you an accurate shot, whether you’re at short or medium range in relation to your target. If you aim down sights, you’ll be firing 12 gauge slugs, and if you shoot from the hip, you’ll be piercing your enemy with 12 gauge shells. 

PUBG Mobile 2.2


The devs aren’t just adding a new map and leaving the current maps to rot. As the first, and likely favorite map, it would be odd not to give Erangel a little bit of a spruce too. To that end, both the hospital structure and that of Mylta Power have undergone updates. These will make combat and searching for supplies more streamlined. 

The devs have also added bicycle sheds to the edges of Erangel. If you like to gear up, don’t miss the chance to explore Erangel annew on two wheels. 

Erangel also gets a new weather condition in this update; a rainbow. The devs have stated that this was done to make the map more visually appealaing – likely in light of how beautiful Nusa is – and to give you a more suitable battleground experience. 

PUBG Mobile 2.2

Strange Town

No, you’re not reading about The Sims 2; Strange Town is indeed a planned map in a soon-to-be released update of PUBG Mobile. This update is expected to drop on the 29th of September and will essentially be a European-style medieval town. You’ll be able to pilot two hot air balloons from here to quickly travel to other locations. 

PUBG Mobile 2.2


This is an upcoming update planned to hit on the 13th of October. This particular update will only apply to Strange Town, but it will be interesting to see what kind of gear and game mechanics Halloweeks will bring this year. 

If you’re struggling with winning matches even with these new updates, you may want to check our guide on how to improve at PUBG Mobile. You’ll quickly master the art of eliminating others.

PUBG Mobile 2.2
Russell Kidson

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