Windows 10 Tip: Is your touchpad not working? We have the solution

Windows 10 Tip: Is your touchpad not working? We have the solution

One thing which some Windows 10 users have complained of is that, after installation, their laptop’s touchpad stops working. This problem is certainly annoying, but it’s easy to fix, as we explain in this article.

But why has your touchpad stopped working in Windows 10? It’s usually for one of these two reasons: it’s either disabled, or your drivers aren’t up to date. Here we’ll show you how to check for these problems and fix them.

Naturally, to fix them, bear in mind that you’ll need to interact with Windows 10. If you don’t have a touch screen, then connect a USB mouse – you’re sure to have one around the house somewhere – or can borrow one!

The touchpad isn’t properly configured in Windows 10

To check for this and fix it:

– Go to Home > Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad

– Click on “Additional mouse options“. Open the “Mouse Properties” window.

– Click the tab on the far right (it may be called “ELAN” or “Device Settings“)

– Under “Devices“, check that your touchpad is enabled. If not, click on its name, and then on “Enable“.

With this trick, the touchpad should now be working if the problem was that it had been disabled.

The touchpad has out-of-date drivers

If you have tried this and the touchpad still isn’t working, its drivers may be out of date. To update them:

Go to Home > Control Panel > Device manager

– Search for your touchpad in the list of devices, and click on Update Driver Software.

– If Windows can’t find the driver, go to your laptop manufacturer’s website, where you’ll be able to find them.

After doing so, your touchpad should now be working properly.

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