Wireless signal not receiving packets?

Wireless signal not receiving packets?

Data packets screenshotOver the years, I’ve noticed a simple reoccurring problem with wireless signals under Windows which appears to be a glitch. Sometimes, even if everything is connected perfectly with my wireless connection, I still can’t surf the internet. I’ve gone absolutely crazy at times trying to work out what it is such as by resetting my router, re-entering my WEP encryption details, checking my virus scanner, scanning for malware etc. In the end, simply un-ticking and re-ticking a check box in my Internet Protocol Properties dialogue has fixed everything in an instant.

The problem has always been that my wireless connection is hardly receiving any data packets. It’s sending them fine but it’s only receiving a trickle of data which basically means my browser has nothing to display.

Here’s a simple three step solution to fix the problem.

1. Close your browser and go to your wireless connection status screen (above) and click “Properties”. This will reveal your Wireless Internet Connection Properties dialogue:

TCP screenshot

2. Click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click “Properties”. In the next dialogue uncheck the “Obtain an IP address automatically” box. Change it to “Use this IP address” (don’t worry about entering any numbers into the boxes or if prompted for some just enter some random ones) and click “Accept”.

Internet Protocol screenshot

3. Click “Accept” again and your new settings will be saved. Then simply, go back to the “Obtain an IP address automatically” dialogue box and re-check it again. Click “Accept” and click “Accept” again. Open your browser and you should find that you can surf the internet again. If you check the state of your internet connection, you should find now that your connection is receiving packets as normal.

A simple solution to what can be an infuriating and mystifying problem and best of all, it doesn’t cost a “packet” 🙂

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