Witcher 3: How to get the best ending in Blood and Wine

Witcher 3

The world of The Witcher is one where all your choices have mixed outcomes: Many shades of grey that aren’t so much ‘right and wrong’ as they are ‘acceptable losses.’ The Blood and Wine expansion is no exception and has three possible endings. Unlike the usual Witcher quests, Blood and Wine actually has a pretty clear ‘good ending.’ If you can’t bear the thought of ending your Witcher 3 experience on a tragic note, here’s how you unlock that sweet happy ending.

As you probably guessed, there are big spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

Witcher 3: How to get the best ending in Blood and Wine

Pursue Syanna, not Orianna

Your choices begin right after returning to Anna Henrietta at the end of Capture the Castle. The Night of Long Fangs quest automatically begins and starts right off with a fight against a bruxa. Once she’s defeated, your vampire buddy Regis will begin a lengthy conversation whereupon he’ll present two options (two of the three possible paths): Either meet Orianna  (the woman from the masquerade back in The Man from Cintra) to inquire about an Elder Vampire’s whereabouts, or try and find Henrietta’s sister Syanna.

Blood and Wine Regis choice Night of Long Fangs
Any of these options are safe, but the most direct is option 1.

For the most direct route to the best ending, you’ll want to pursue Syanna, though you may elect to follow the Orianna path up until completion of Blood Simple. At that point your decision locks you in – this is your final chance to pursue Syanna instead of looking for the Elder Vampire.

Read the journal thoroughly

Follow the quest marker to Syanna and you’ll eventually trigger a quest called Beyond Hill and Dale. After a conversation with Regis, you’ll enter into a small playroom where the young Anna Henrietta and Syanna grew up. You’ll find a golden key and a journal. As Geralt reads the journal, entry number 3 will tip him off about how to progress forward. However, if you want the best possible ending you must read every entry in the journal; otherwise, certain pivotal dialogue choices will not be available. After you read all the entries, enter the Land of a Thousand Fables.

Geralt reading Land of a Thousand Fables Regis Blood and Wine
Be absolutely sure to read all the entries.

Win Syanna’s ribbon

The Land of a Thousand Fables is a fairy tale world created by the sisters’ court illusionist. Make no mistake, though; if you die here you still die for real! As you explore this whimsical enchanted land, talk to Syanna whenever possible, but the most important point to pursue is winning Syanna’s ribbon from the young vendor Flint. As long as the ribbon is acquired and given to Syanna you’re free to follow the non-linear main quest in whichever order you like. After you’ve climbed the beanstalk and defeated the giant, you’re sent back to Toussaint via a magic wishing well. Talk about style!

Syanna Geralt love scene request blood and wine
You can choose to initiate the love scene with Syanna or not; it has no bearing on the ending.

Face off against Dettlaff

As soon as you get back all the pieces come together: Geralt, Regis, and Syanna gather at the ruins of Tesham Mutna for the arrival of Dettlaff. If you’ve done everything we covered so far, you should end up with a cutscene in which Dettlaff tries to murder Syanna, but she is teleported back to the Land of a Thousand Fables thanks to her life-saving ribbon. Good thing you collected that, right?

Dettlaff fooled ribbon Blood and Wine
Who knew Gwent could save a girl’s life?

When you regain control of Geralt you’ll be squaring off against the Beast of Beauclair himself, Dettlaff. Brace yourself for a grueling multi-stage fight (we recommend Black Blood, Vampire Oil, and frequent use of Quen). Once you’ve beaten him, Regis will fulfill his end of the bargain, tragically killing his friend. Hard to believe this is the happy ending, right?

Hear us out:

Investigate the fifth victim

The next scene will be Geralt being fitted for his award ceremony for vanquishing Dettlaff and putting a stop to the vampire menace. As the scene plays out, Regis poses one remaining loose end: The unnamed fifth victim on Syanna’s proposed murder list. As you probably guessed, you’ll need to follow this thread to the source in order to get the best ending. After a quick stop to the Bootblack and a visit to a poor shelter, you’ll be given the name of the final victim. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that Syanna was planning to end her vengeful crusade with her sister’s murder.

Regis discovery Syanna murder sister Henrietta
Regis’ notions of treachery were correct – he just didn’t know how bad it got.

Persuade Syanna to forgive her sister

Regis will leave at this point, and you’ll be on your way to have a little chat with the murderous Syanna. Get past the guard at her bedroom any way you please, and you’ll begin a very important conversation with her. If you read all the journal entries like we suggested earlier and have paid attention to her backstory as you traveled with her through the Land of a Thousand Fables, it should be obvious which dialogue choices are right: First correctly guess that she began this vendetta because Henrietta turned her back on her and forgot about her (option 1). Then follow it up by asking “ever thought to forgive her?

Geralt talks to Syanna at the window Blood and Wine
Syanna won’t believe you unless you really know who she is.

You’ll leave Syanna with some redeeming facets of her sister to consider, after which a guard will notify you that Damien wants to talk to you. Say whatever you choose; this conversation has no impact on the next scene.

If you’ve done everything we listed, you should be rewarded with a ceremony scene where Syanna and Henrietta embrace … and neither is murdered. Your dialogue choices here bear no impact on the result, so pick whatever you like. Enjoy the happy ending!

As you’ll find out in the graveyard afterward, the only rough bit is that Regis will have to leave Toussaint for a time. He’s an immortal vampire who’s not opposed to touring the globe though, so it’s about as a good ending as you can get in the Witcher franchise!

Go and enjoy Be It Ever So Humble, the final quest in Blood and Wine. If you’ve romanced Triss or Yennefer they’ll pay Geralt a visit. Otherwise you’ll get to see Ciri (if she lived) or Dandelion if she didn’t.

Geralt Triss ending Blood and Wine
Geralt gets to chill with his squeeze at the end of a very long contract.

You can now also do any side quests that you ignored before completing the Main DLC questline. If you’re like most players and ended Geralt’s story with the Blood and Wine expansion, don’t fret if you’re still craving more Witcher! Now’s the best time to start on a New Game + – just don’t forget to smith Grandmaster armor and stock up on mutagens first!

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