Xtra secure backups

X-Backup screenshotIf you’re tired of manually backing up your files, why not schedule and synchronise them instead? As it’s name suggests, X-Backup is designed for if the worst happens and you lose all your data on your PC. X-Backup will basically save any number of files and archive them in a Zip file or for really big backups, create a disk partition image. The interface has been based on Microsoft Office so if you think it looks familiar, you’re right. This doesn’t exactly make it look attractive but it’s functional and clear. Most importantly, it features an instant overview of your backup history and status.

The most useful features you’ll find though are the scheduled and synchronized backups. You can use the X-Backup wizard and time-line to schedule exactly when you want it to kick-in and start backing-up your machine. However, make sure this is not when you are working as it’s rather annoying whilst it takes over your entire system (albeit with prompts first). With synchronized backups, the program will detect any changes on your PC and backup new files automatically. To protect your precious backups, X-Backup will also encrypt backed-up files with a 256 bit AES encryption key.

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