Yet Another Facebook Scam

Shouldn’t people have learned by now?

Maybe that sounds bit harsh, but I am beginning to think that if people fall for the latest Facebook scam – a brand-new dislike button – they only have themselves to blame. Luckily this time users who fell for the trick got nothing worse than an unwanted application that could be easily removed – oh, and a dose of public humiliation, since the fact they had fallen for the scam showed up in their friends’ news feed.


Even though we live in a technologically advanced world, there’s some pretty old-school advice that still works well – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Free iPads? A dislike button? A hippo being eaten by a rabid mongoose? Keep dreaming!

Equally, if your Harvard-educated aunt (or indeed a scam-prone friend) suddenly starts posting things entitled “OMG WTF BBQ , watch dis seriously cool video!!” accompanied by a link, alarm bells should start to ring. The bottom line? If you want an iPad, start saving. If you want a dislike button, check out Social Plus! And if you want a rabid mongoose? Well, there’s not a whole lot OnSoftware can do for you. Sorry.

Image courtesy of Graham Cluley’s blog.

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