Zoom Unleashes the Power of AI: Collaborates with OpenAI to Enhance Video Conferencing Experience

Zoom IQ is coming to become your "virtual assistant"

Zoom Unleashes the Power of AI: Collaborates with OpenAI to Enhance Video Conferencing Experience
María López

María López

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In an announcement on Monday, Zoom said it was working with OpenAI to improve the implementation of artificial intelligence in its products.

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The biggest beneficiary here will be Zoom IQ, Zoom’s virtual assistant, which will become a kind of “intelligent companion”. Thanks to these improvements, the assistant will be able to summarize chats, organize ideas and even write content, among many other things.

A necessary update

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These capabilities are in addition to others already available on the platform, such as screen sharing, integration with other applications and the option to record sessions. For Zoom, AI is key to its strategy.

The company not only uses models from other companies, such as OpenAI, but also its own. This allows it to offer a flexible and customized solution that is able to adapt to the specific needs of each user.

There is no doubt: Zoom’s commitment to artificial intelligence is paying off. Among the features launched, we have one that will automatically summarize everything that is said in a meeting. In addition, specific things can also be included, such as a list of members, a transcript of everything that was discussed and we can even ask questions in real time in case we have any doubts.

Zoom IQ also has email integration. In essence, it will extract the most important information related to scheduled meetings or video calls. In the event that an email includes a phrase indicating a future meeting (“let’s meet soon”), our assistant will suggest dates based on our agenda. Will you make use of these features in your video calls?

María López

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