Create Custom Apps With AI: Microsoft Reveals Power Platform AI

Creating applications has never been as easy as it is today

Create Custom Apps With AI: Microsoft Reveals Power Platform AI
María López

María López

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The launch of GPT-4 turned the entire Internet upside down and got many to look to Microsoft, one of the biggest investors in ChatGPT‘s parent company, OpenAI. Many of OpenAI’s innovations are making their presence felt in the Microsoft ecosystem, as is the case with the new Bing.

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We don’t know who will win in the AI debate: will they take our jobs, will they be the future? One thing is clear, however, and that is that this technology has proven to be a very useful assistant. A few days ago, Microsoft announced the new Power Platform Copilot, a tool that will allow developers to create applications with the help of an AI.

Application development made accessible to the “amateur” public


Although the star of the event was Microsoft 365 Copilot, the company also emphasized developers with Power Platform Copilot. Thanks to this new feature, we will be able to chat with AI Copilot, a GPT-powered wizard, and describe what kind of application we want: Copilot will do all the dirty work. You will be able to see how the application is being “built” in front of your eyes and the AI will even suggest how to improve it.

Power Automate will also benefit and we will be able to create processes using natural language, no matter how complex our requirements are. In addition, Copilot will also be able to optimize and update the process in dialog. On the other hand, Power Virtual Agents has already added GPT support: users simply enter a web page to connect to the site and access more data.

Microsoft has already confirmed that we will see this functionality available as a preview version within Power Platform, the company’s platform dedicated to developing low-code apps. Unfortunately, only users in the United States will have access to these promising features. However, it would not be strange to see it in other regions before long.

María López

María López

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