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  1. iSubtitle

    • 2.9
    • (20 votes)

    Giving Soft Subtitles For Movies

    iSubtitle is a subtitles application created by Bitfield AB. The application lets users insert text on their movies and TV shows seamlessly.

  2. Replace the view from your webcam with a video or a picture

    Want people to see something other than your face during your webcam chats on Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or Google Hangouts? With Alex's V Project, you can...

  3. Pocket Image and Video Editor

    Photo Video Editor is a multimedia application made by Video Note LLC. The application offers easy to use video editing services on mobile devices. Users can...

  4. Free App for Smart Sharers

    Annotate - Capture and Share is special software that allows users to capture images or even video that is playing on their computer screen. Users can then...

  5. Motype

    • 2.8
    • (13 votes)

    Add animation to your video edit texts

    Motype is a powerful text animation plug-in that can add a touch of class to your After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express...

  6. Tool for Creating GIFs from Images or Videos

    Video GIF Creator - GIF Maker, developed by Day 1 Solutions, is an application which allows users to create their own animated GIF files from either a series...

  7. Effective Software to Block Star Wars Previews

    If you are tired of unexpectedly seeing advertisements for Star Wars that give the plot away, Star Wars Spoiler Blocker is a dream come true. As soon as this...

  8. ClippyCam

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    An App to Add Fun Videos to Photos and Videos You Share

    ClippyCam is an app that helps make your online photo and video sharing experience more fun and engaging. In other words, instead of the boring text you...

  9. MediaEdit 3

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    • (No votes yet)

    A Robust Video Editing Tool with a Myriad of Features

    MediaEdit 3 is a movie editing program that makes editing videos easy and efficient, thanks to the unlimited layers and multiple drawing tools built in. The...

  10. A program that helps you record your on-screen activity

    Screen Record Utility is a piece of screen capture software that allows you to record a video from what is happening on your screen. Sadly, it is no longer...

  11. A New Video App

    Clips is an app designed by Apple for iPhone and iPad iOS that lets users record and capture quick videos to share with friends. Different from your...

  12. Caption That!

    The easiest way to add text to your videos, Video Caption Maker allows you to make your content more accessible with minimal effort.

  13. Create your own slideshow video with this app

    There used to be a time when you needed powerful apps like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere to make simple slideshow videos, but these days, all you need are...