Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog? Preview Beta

Amazing Frog, adventures of a flatulent frog in Swindon!

Amazing Frog is a Parkour Hardcore open world potpourri of zany, laws of physics defying sandbox game play. It is set in the exotic UK town of Swindon, Swindonshire. The protagonist is flatulent amphibian super hero, the eponymous Frog. Gameplay is located in a 20 kilometer landscape featuring a diverse range of vehicles in a 4 player split screen Oculus Virtual Reality support. Players can start in hideout mode, play on their own or split the view screen with friends and rivals.


  • Plenty of diverse activity
  • Epic scale physics
  • Huge map to explore


  • Could do with more diverse vehicles
  • Can't ride pigs or other farm animals

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