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  1. TutuApp

    • 4.2
    • (1168 votes)

    Get modified apps without jailbreaking your phone

    It can be really frustrating when you find an app or game that you really want or need and you can’t get it because it’s so expensive. If you really want a...

  2. Ignition

    • 4.3
    • (62 votes)

    A third-party app store for more app choices

    The official Apple AppStore is notorious for its strict content guidelines which is why a lot of apps can’t be made available on it. Ignition is a...

  3. Capture great photos and edit them with this stylish camera app

    VSCO Cam is a feature-packed camera app for iOS that allows you to take high quality pictures and edit photos.

  4. Apple Store

    • 4
    • (163 votes)

    The perfect app for any Apple enthusiast

    Apple Store is the official app for Apple retail stores, a virtual space where you can manage your purchases, order Apple products, and even make...

  5. Get in touch with your customers

    App Store Connect is a tool that is made especially for app developers of the Apple App Store. Through here, they will be able to monitor their app’s sales...

  6. Oculus

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    A companion app for Oculus VR devices

    Oculus' virtual reality headset redefined the gaming and entertainment industry. Now, users can easily manage their headsets with its companion utility app...

  7. Stream or download your music from Amazon's cloud

    Amazon Music allows you to listen to your Amazon music collection on your mobile device. What's more, Amazon Prime users can stream and download music for...

  8. The easy scoring app for any darts tournament

    DartConnect is a sports mobile app that allows you to keep track of scores for darts competitions. Developed by DartConnect LLC, DartConnect is a scoring...

  9. CardStar

    • 1
    • (1 vote)

    Store all of your membership cards in one convenient location

    The CardStar app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch helps you keep track of all your loyalty, club, and membership cards in one convenient place: your...

  10. Database for all of your loyalty cards

    Key Ring Reward Cards is a shopping app for the iPhone that serves as a database of all your loyalty cards.Having a ton of plastic loyalty cards in your...

  11. A third-party money company and an online wallet

    Skrill is an online wallet that operates as a third-party money company. It also has an associated app for mobile money management. You have an online...

  12. Enjoy ebooks on your iPhone

    Kobo is an ebook platform that includes its own store and several applications, one for each different platform, so you can read ebooks on practically any...

  13. Ask questions to celebrities with Reddit AMA

    After many unofficial apps, Reddit has finally released an official one for mobile.  The app, however, only covers one aspect of Reddit: AMA (Ask me...

  14. Browse interactive catalogs

    Google Catalogs for iOS can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Google Catalogs web app instead.Google Catalogs is a shopping application that allows you...

  15. Order delivery for almost anything

    Glovo is a mobile app and service that delivers products from any store to you in minutes. Similar in style to popular food delivery apps, Glovo takes it one...

  16. A free app for iPhone, by xiangzhou zheng.

    Sugar Store : Design is a free game for iPhone, that belongs to the category 'Games'.

  17. Nuzzel

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Free News app for iOS

    Nuzzel is a personalized and curated news app, designed to provide users with targeted news stories and articles to stay informed and current. Available for...

  18. Daysk

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    • (No votes yet)

    Daysk help you to work, share and manage

    The modern workplace is a lot different than it once was. You may be working at home, on site, on the train and so on instead of sitting at one regular desk....

  19. Secure your confidential data on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    AVG Vault - Hide, Store & Sync is a security application that acts as a safe: choose a password, log on to your AVG account and the application offers a...