Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight


Take the streets of Gotham back from the Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight concludes developer Rocksteady’s gritty Arkham trilogy. Once again you must don on the mantle of the bat, and take on Gotham’s underworld bosses as they try to conquer the city’s streets. Looking better than ever, and filled with familiar friends and foes from the Batman mythos, this is a worthy end to a fantastic tale.


  • Good conclusion to the this Batman tale
  • Interesting use of the villainous Bat-cast
  • Beautiful city
  • Batmobile is a fun novelty
  • Same fantastic combat, stealth, and navigation balance


  • Batmobile feels often unnecessary
  • Controls don't always feel intuitive
  • Pretty sure lots of those guys Batman didn't kill won't wake up...
  • At time of writing, many have technical issues

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