Download Cloud Storage Free For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 7

  1. Create and restore copies of your hard drive

  2. Photo Backup

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    Backup your photos to CD

    Digital cameras make photography so easy and fun that you usually end up with thousands of images on your hard drive, many of them being unforgettable...

  3. RecBoot

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    The easiest way to activate the recovery mode on your iPhone

    Do you have problems with your iPhone? Don't worry, most of the time there's a solution: the recovery mode or reset. Until now you could only access this by...

  4. Uranium Backup

    We constantly hear about the importance of creating backup copies of all our important documents, in case someday our computer happens to die. So if you've...

  5. Free Software to Save and Classify Online Articles

    Wallabag is a user-friendly software package intended to enable users to save online articles (such as RSS news feeds) into an offline folder. It is also...

  6. Backup files and folders right away to your mailbox

    When you need to keep a copy of any important file always at hand, you have basically two options: either you save it to a portable device (i.e. a USB memory...

  7. Free and Encrypted Backup Softwre to Store Important Information

    Duplicati is a free software package intended to provide a robust means to store and duplicate any sensitive information which may be contained within a hard...