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  1. Backup software for PC

    Iperius Backup is a backup software that was developed by Enter Srl. It was created to serve as a data management solution for PC...

  2. Sync Your Outlook and Google Accounts

    Outlook4Gmail is an add-in for Outlook offering an easy way to synchronize your Outlook and Gmail accounts. This app enables you to sync your contacts...

  3. Backup data in many different email clients

    Backing up email is not always easy, mainly because you need to find the right tool for the specific email client you're using.. unless you use Amic Email...

  4. Create and manage copies of your e-mail

    If you've never backed up your e-mail then you could do a lot worse than use KLS Mail Backup to make backups of your most important files. KLS Mail Backup...

  5. Create secure copies of Outlook, Outlook Express and more

    Backups are one of the most essential parts of every computer user’s priorities - especially where important e-mails are concerned. Easy Email Backup can...

  6. Practical Outlook Express backup utility

  7. Use your e-mail to perform backups

    If like me you're constantly running out of hard drive space then you should consider using something like Backup2Email to backup your files. With Gmail...

  8. ABF Outlook Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for MS Outlook

    Bug fixes

  9. Backup your AOL data in five steps

    If you're still using AOL email and would like to migrate to a different system, this is just the tool you need.ePreserver is an east way to backup your...

  10. Powerful helper and backup tool for Outlook Express mail and addresses

    Minor interface changes Express Archiver Direct suppressed Minor bugs corrected

  11. PSTSYnc

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    Outlook backup and synchronization